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Shop rides every Sunday

- Sunday advanced ride is being revamped and is not currently running as scheduled -

Thank you for your patience!

Shop Rides: 

Advanced Ride - Meet at 8:45am, depart 9am.

This is the faster of the two rides. Speed will be 17mph + average and will speed up after the Glenn Annie leg. The route is 24.5 miles and will go through UCSB, out to Winchester, come back via Cathedral Oaks and loop back through the airport way. Since this is a more advanced ride we expect everyone to be self sufficient in the case that you get dropped. See the below map for the route. Or view it on Strava:

Map of Advanced Ride

Casual Ride - Meet 9am, depart 9:15am.

All riders welcome. Road bike recommended. This is a no drop ride meaning we do not leave anyone behind. The pace of this ride will be around 12mph but can vary depending on the attendees. The route is 18 miles and will take you onto the bike path then over to Cathedral Oaks via Ribera Dr. We will then take Cathedral Oaks over to Winchester Canyon and head through UCSB on the way back to the shop. See the below map for the route.

Map of casual ride


  • Road Bike (in safe riding condition)
  • Helmet
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Repair Kit (spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, hand pump/CO2 cartridges)
  • Gloves
  • Lights (red taillight for daytime visibility)
  • Energy/Food
  • ID, cash/credit card for food & other emergencies


Just For Women Rides

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